NEW LOCATION SEPT 2019 Directions to our shop from the ferry terminal: ( 3.5 blocks ) Note: We are located on the island of Isla Mujeres, a 20 minute ferry ride from the Cancun Ultraman Puerto Juarez ferry terminal. If you are taking a taxi on the island, tell the driver Banamex bank. Best local landmark if you have to ask someone is Javi's Cantina. We are across from Javi's diagonally, next to Vida La Dulce apartments. Signage and mural coming soon!

If you are coming from Cancun, you will take the Ultramar ferry from Puerto Juarez/Gran Puerto. Ask us for the ferry timing for your tour. Ferry Schedule.

For Cancun Airport to Ferry transport, we recommend or CARM transfers. Best Day Transfers or Cancun Riviera Maya Transfers.

Map to the Shop.

The Amazing Aqua Adventures TEAM!

About Owner Jim Silver.

Jim Silver, Owner, PADI MSDT, Janitor.

Writing my own bio? (yeah Jim here) First.....grateful to photographer Eric Garcia-March Studio for making me "sit" for this photo.) Ok, here goes. Proud Dad. Business owner. Lifelong Waterman, SF Bay Sailor/Windsurfer. 4 Years US Coast Guard. Kid's coach, soccer and baseball. Amateur Diesel Mechanic. IT guy geek(UC Berkeley BS CompSci ), Tank inspector, cook and bottle washer at Aqua Adventures Eco Divers since July 2012 when I resurrected the business, which closed in February 2012. Loving my adopted island, and the country that has accepted me and given me a guide card in their National Marine Park. Grateful for that too. Oh, and I take fotos too. Most of the ones you see here are mine. Just keep firing that shutter, something good will show up. Olympus TG5 current tool, with Big Blue 3000 lumen video light, ultralite tray and UWL04 fisheye wide angle lens.

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer 288500. Specialty Instructor: Deep, Wreck, Drift, Dry Suit ( Isla? LOL ) UW Navigation ( a fave ), Night, Ocean Reef FFM and comms, Care for Children with AAED, Peak Performance, Project Aware.

About Capitan Wilbert Chunab.

Capitan Wilbert Chunab Palma.

Tough picking the right foto for someone so important to Aqua Adventures for so many years. But I picked the Divemaster foto because that is so much why Wilbert is such a great Dive Boat Capitan( And husband, father, 2 to 7 daughters depending on day of the week ). I first met him and dove with him summer 2011 as an Aqua Adventures client. Capitan Wilbert is fluent in English and Spanish, funny in both languages.

He is a fantastic Dive Master. When Wilbert is not driving dive boat Amalia, he repairs tank valves and regs. He is my main boat tech, we've worked side by side on many Amalia projects. And he is right there rigging, hauling, meeting diver needs from the moment he brings Amalia downtown in the morning till he takes her back at the end of the day. From an Isla Fishing family, Wilbert knows these waters above and below as well as anyone on the island. I am proud to call him friend. I know when I am on a dive and fly my Surface Marker, he is just a short distance away at the surface. He will accept gratuities 8 days out of a 7 day week.

About Divemaster Paige.

Paige Nickell, Divemaster, store manager.

Paige is currently at home in the USA working and being safe while our countries work through the Covid challenges. We miss her! After spending the first 22 years of life in the midwest, Paige found her way to Isla Mujeres after graduating from Kansas State University. Escaping cold landlocked Kansas, she joined Aqua Adventures during summer of 2019 to become a Divemaster. Paige can often be found with Oreo Gelato in one hand and petting the neighborhood pups with the other.

Paige truly knows what it means to say, "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!"

About Divemaster Eduardo Lalo.

Eduardo (Lalo) Galicia Galeana, Sailor, Divemaster, Backup Capitan.

I don't know where we would be without this man. I've never seen more hustle packed into one guy in my life. Big smile, amazing attitude, he sets the bar for customer service at Aqua Adventures. Lalo will line up your gear prior to heading to the boat, load the carts, push them to the dock.

As VP of customer service, Lalo is constantly raising the bar for the team. On the rare days he doesn't show up for work, the rest of us are very depressed. He and his wife run a conveniece store in the Canotal Neighborhood where the cervesa is cold, stop in for a free beer!

Team Mom Noemie Hissette Silver.

Noemie Hissette Silver, Team Mom, Dive shop Reina.

When not picking up after me, feeding me, managing stress etc, Noemie works the shop. Native Spanish speaker, Venezuelan born, when she walks into Adelita, Rincon Cubano or El Teraza, somebody in the band is bound to shout out, "Venezuela!"

Her journey includes Caracas, Paris, Miami, now Isla Mujeres, amazing collection of world cities. Music, dance, art, dining, accomplished chef, she is the woman behind the man.

About Manager Jim Guy.

Jim Guy, Manager, Covid Admin.

Jim comes to us from the Pacific Northwest where he designed and built docks, often doing underwater installs in COLD water. Jim has been sailing, diving and motorcyling for more years than he will admit, and brought shop dog Buddy into the Aqua Adventures family. Among Jim's many careers is nursing, and he recently served the island doing Covid screenings at the ferry terminal, helping keep Isla safe.

Jim is also an avid ground and drone photographer, watch for his work on facebook and in various locations around the island.

About Manager Jim Guy.

Buddy, Shop Pup.

Buddy joined us with Manager Jim and has settled in nicely to napping and accepting attention from clients and staff. Jim rescued him from the streets of Canotal after 18 months of roaming free and Buddy is healthy and happy under Jim's care. Buddy was gang leader of Canotal's generic brown dog gang, but now roams Centro supervising while Jim slings his camera capturing Isla's best vistas.

About Whale Shark Capitan Beto.

Beto Aguayo, Whale Shark and Fishing Capitan.

Our long time Whale Shark and Fishing partners, Beto is an awesome Isla Waterman. Expert in these waters, boat handling, Dad and family man. I've been on many a whale shark trip with Beto at the helm, trust his skills and instincts completely.

Beto is also our Whale Shark coordinator, ensuring that you are well placed for your tour within the fleet.

About Whale Shark Capitan Jair.

Jair Aguayo, Whale Shark and Fishing Capitan.

Jair ( son of Beto ) has been with Aqua Adventures for years, look for him in our whale shark fotos, hovering above the animal, his shadow on its back. He has worked with Aqua Adventures as a snorkel guide, and with his family as a whale shark guide. Now, Jair has advanced to boat capitan. We're proud of him.

Jair also can take you fishing, bay and offshore. Contact us to arrange a 1/2 or full day fishing.

About Amalia our Dive Boat.

Amalia, 9 meter Brent Dive Boat.

Mid engine Cummins BTA5.9 M1 mechanical diesel. That mid engine is what allows her to have a great diver swim step on the back, and REAL NICE WIDE FULL TIME MOUNTED DIVE LADDER! But much more than specifications to us. Amalia takes us out and back. Every day. Since 2013 she's gotten alot of love! New top, new transmission, a couple of engine rebuilds, new paint and graphics. Oxygen and first aid kit. and New 4 blade bronze prop, steering gear. Amalia is named for the grand daughter of Sonia Fuentes, company founder in 2004.

Wanna see how much we love her? Take her away from us for a few days when we have divers and make us use a backup boat.

Sim our Divemaster Intern.

Sim Steward, Intern 2018 Advanced thru Rescue Diver!

Sim from London, rolled in a new diver and rolled out well on his way to Divemaster. Great Photographer, contributed much to this site, took wonderful fotos of our dive clients and staff, we want Sim Back!

Sim stepped in, working the shop and the boat like he was an old hand. We look forward to when he can shake loose more time and come back to intern for divemaster.

Past Intern Chris Goff.

Chris Goff, Awesome 2017 Gold Star Divemaster Intern, PhD Candidate, Man of Adventure.

Chris came to us with a Masters Degree in Fresh Water Marine Biology to do his Divermaster Internship. I love this foto, captures Chris's sense of wonder and amazement. I remember those moments, "Hey, This water it salty!" "Wow, my socks don't match!" "Ah, there's the boat!" "Is that a turtle?"

Chris is now in the Marine Biology PhD program at Texas A & M Corpus Christi campus. We hope he comes back to visit soon, we miss him!

Past Intern Paco.

Paco, another fave 2017 Divemaster Intern!

Notable for emptying a tank on a Punta Sur dive, heretofor shall be known as Zero, lived in a Van in front of the store for Wifi and shower.

He is traveling the world, having great adventures, last seen West Coast USA. Known for his enthusiam and sense of humor, we watch for him to finish his travels and return to what he was meant to do....LEAD DIVES.

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Olympus and GoPro Cameras

Camera Gear We shoot the Olympus TOUGH series point and shoot cameras. From the 810 a few years ago, to the 860, and the TG 1 - 5 series. Big Blue lights from 400 lumen in our rental locker to my personal 3000 lumen video light used in our Cenotes Gallery. Daniel carries a GoPro and produced some amazing Eagle Rays videos and photos at the C55 Wreck, winter 2018.

We use the Olympus underwater housings matched to each camera model. They just work. Ask Jodi and John, dive clients now carrying and shooting the TG5 rig. For wide angle, the UWL04 fisheye is amazing, see the my bottling whale shark foto. The Tough 860, good to 16 feet without an underwater housing, the TG1-5, good to 50, offer protection in case of a housing flood.

Benotto Strega Bicycles

Benotto Bicycles We don't have our rental concession yet, standby. We have Mexico built Benotto bikes for sale, and during May we will provide a day of bike use when you book a tour!

We've been using a Benotto Strega as a shop ride since August 2018 and are impressed with how they stand up in the Island Climate!

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History, The Company, Aqua Adventures Eco Diver!

Our Shop! Founded 2004 by Sonia Fuentes, Aqua Adventures was the first PADI resort on the island. Several other dive shops, but Sonia was the first to recognize the value of associating with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Wilbert, our Capitan, back then a Divemaster for Sonia. I met him as a client in the summer of 2011! But Sonia fought some tough health battles, the business suffered a bit and closed its doors in January of 2012. In June, my friends Brad and Tiffany, Isla business owners themselves, contacted me to let me know the pieces of the business were available for sale. July 20, 2012, I re opened the doors and now in 2020, 7 years and going strong! Thanks to the Aqua Adventures Diver Family.

We pride ourselves in keeping full time staff, fully insured in the Mexican Social Security System.

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Isla De Mujeres, the Magic, the Myth, Island Paradise

Our Shop! So much information to share! Charming, safe Island, 6 miles, fast a/c ferry ride from Cancun! Lodging from Hostels to 5 star all inclusives. Bustling centro downtown district where Aqua Adventures is located, and scores of restaurants. Spend pesos not dollars ( we only trust the Banamex ATM for transactions from out of country bank ). Change dollars at CiBank or Electra or even Isla Ferry terminal. Don't forget your passport. More later!

Call us on our US number at 786-375-9189 ( rings in Isla on our laptop! ) or Mex shop: +52 998 188 4150 or Mex cell: +52 1 998 322 8109!

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Restaurants Wow, choices at all price points. Javi's ( with music ), Fredy's (pork chop steak,fresh seafood), Lola Valentina (innovative menu), Asia Caribe ( seafood, asian fusion), LIMON ( top on the island ), Villa Rolandi ( Ambiance, food ), Mike's Pizza, Oscar's ( late night food and drink, mid island), Ruben's ( local classic fave )..... The Joint, Que Bravo ( great sandwiches ), Paradisecream ( GELATO ), Rooster's coffee/cafe ( 3 locations )

Foto above, Pollo Fricasie at Rincon Cubano! We've got lots to add, call us, we love food almost as much as diving.

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Restaurants La Vida Dulce Apartments, adjacent to our new location, are the most convenient to our dive shop. Click here to view and book, Or ask us about dive/stay packages.

From Hostels to 5 Stars. Nautibeach, an all time fave. Zoetry Villa Roland, top of the heap 5 Star, Downtown properties, walking distance to shop, hustle and bustle, some near nighttime party noise, some quiet. Marina Paraiso wonderful property.

Your island experience can be quiet and a bit more subdued if you choose a south island retreat like Maria Kan Kin to name one! Or stay on Hildalgo stree near Adelita Tequila Bar where the Salsa/Cuban band gets rolling at 1am on Friday and Saturday night!

Call or email if you have questions!

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