Tajma Ha Structure.

Amazing Structure in Tajma Ha.

The cenotes are breathtaking.

Guide Rafael, exit dive 1!

Guide Rafael tank 1 is done!

The light, the jungle, world class diving!

Cenote Air Pocket.

You can discuss the dive, during the dive in the air pockets.

Chac Mool air pocket.

Chac Mool Entry.

Rafael leading divers to the Chac Mool entrance.

A few yards through the jungle, in you go!.

Diving the Halocline.

Other divers a few feet away below the halocline.

Silent eery beauty.

Chac Mool Light Shaft.

Visiting Instructor Dale in light shaft ascending to air pocket.

Chac Mool has air pockets for chatting.

Halocline Light Beam!

Light beam refracting through the halocline.

The halocline adds to the beauty of the cenotes world.

Light and Magic!

Everywhere you look!

Jim foto, Olymp TG4.

Light in the Cenotes.

All about the light.

Jim shooting his Olympus TG4.

Diver Michele.

OW Diver Michele

No life but lots to explore!

Rafa Leading Chac Mool!

Expert Guide and Instructor Rafa leading Chac Mool.

Always amazed by the clarity of these waters - foto Jim.

Elated Divers!

Second Tank done, elated divers and Rafael center.

If you haven't dove the cenotes, now is the time.

Light Beams.

Light beams everywhere as you are never far from the entrance.

You pass by the entrance several times as you explore.



So much to view at every turn in Chac Mool.