Think Blue

Manchones Fun!

Fish Fish Fish


Wilbert at the wheel!

Amalia is our ride!

Wes and Allison

Wes and daughter Allison!

Diving families rock!


Explosion of Color!

Stunning Coral!

Punta Sur Dolphins

Punta Sur Dolphins!

Dolphins on the Caribe side, Media Luna and Punta Sur!


Jim and Shannon

Smiling Dad Daughter Diver Duo!

Pretty Moray

Goldentail Moray

We have Goldentails, Spotted and Green Morays!


Spanish and Blue Stripe Grunts!

Schools of Grunts Teaming in Manchones!

Isla from the Sky

Aerial Isla!

Reefs and beaches!

Parrot at Night

Parrot in the reef

Night diving fun!

Sleeping Ray

Southern Sting Ray


Sponge and Pearls

Sponge and Sea Pearls

Beauty and the Reef!

Blue Vase

Blue Vase

Blue Vase at Pailas.


Manchones Toadfish

We find 'em, but they're sneaky.