2019: great whale shark season up to the end!   Time to start planning 2020!

Ask us when the animal count is greatest!

Click here Whale Shark Fotos to view photos and videos of 2019 Whale Shark Tours.

Book our shared 4 and 6 person semi private boats for more time with the Whale Sharks!

Photo above by Jim, late 2016 season, bottling behavior.

Whale Shark season runs from May 17 to September 17th. Ask us about our predictions for best dates for viewing.

Whale Shark Pricing, US Dollars

May 17 to September 17

Name Description Price
10 Passenger 10 people, 5 swimming pairs, price per person. 125.00
6 Passenger 6 people, 3 swimming pairs, price per person. 195.00
4 Passenger  4 people, 2 swimming pairs, price per person. 290.00
Wetsuit rental  Wear a wetsuit for warmth and comfort under the required lifejacket. 10.00
PADI Skin Diver Equip, shallow water training. 50.00
Private Boat Book your own boat, up to 10 people. $1100.00
Private Boat, multi day Book your own boat, up to 10 people. Quote

Reduced passenger boats: 4 and 6 person semi private boats!

In response to you, we are arranging semi private boats to provide more swim time with the animals.  Our goal is to pre sell all seats on semi private boats.

In the days prior to your tour, we may contact you regarding your options for unsold seats. We try to avoid having you default to a 10 person boat. In the days prior, options include offering the unsold seats to 10 person boat swimmers as an upgrade, offering you the opportunity to pay their upgrade cost, and/or taking the boat as a private boat.

Click our Facebook Link or visit our whale shark foto gallery to view photos and videos of 2019 Whale Shark Tours. The 2017 season ran from May 15 to September 17. The season was incredible, often there were schools of Manta Rays swimming among the Whale Sharks. Ask about our recommendations for best viewing dates. Our Captains are experienced local experts. Our boats are safe fast twin engine craft with marine toilets on board. Drinks and snacks are served on the boats.


Your Whale shark trip

  • Boat with shade awning and marine head/bathroom.
  • Light Lunch, Fresh Ceviche, Soft drinks and Bottled Water.
  • Snorkel equipment and Life Jacket - wetsuit rental optional.
  • Reef Snorkel stop on return from Whale Shark Tour.

Photo above by Jim, 2014 Private group fotos!  If you see Jim with the camera....SMILE!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my tour be like?
How much swim time will I have with the animals?
More information about the species?
Am I guaranteed to swim with them?
How many will I see?

You will meet for your tour at our shop at 7:50am. Return time will be 1:30 to 3pm depending on sea conditions and animal counts.

By regulation, your whale shark boat will never have more than 10 swimmers. You are required to wear a lifejacket. In 2019, the wetsuit/no life jacket option has been elimiminated by regulation.


Two snorkelers enter the water with a guide at a time to swim alongside these gentle giants. The other 4 pairs on the boat will enter the water in rotation, usually giving all the swimmers on the boat the chance to swim with 3 to 4 or more whale sharks. Our Whale Shark tours leave from a downtown dock not far from our shop and the Ferry terminal.

If you book a private tour, we can arrange a pickup at your resort if they have a dock. You will meet at our shop at 7:50 am, to pay your balance and sign registration paperwork. You may leave valuables at the shop.

A member of our staff will walk you to the dock, where you will board the boat and head out for a 14 to 23 mile ( 40 to 90 minutes ) ride to where the pod is located. The ocean surface can be rough, if you are prone to motions sickness, taking appropriate medication is a good idea. You can take photos during your swim, no flash and no touching the Whale Sharks per park service rules.

After several hours of swimming with the Whale Sharks, your boat will return to the island for some shallow water snorkeling and sandwich or ceviche and cold non-alcoholic beverages. You can expect to be back at the dock by 2 to 2:30 pm.

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Your time with the animals will depend on a) how many swim pairs ( people, max 10 ) on your boat, and b) how many animals are present that day. Park service regulations put in place in 2017 allow 2 jumps for every pair on board the boat. At Capitan's discretion, more jumps could take place.

A 4 person boat has 2 swim pairs, 6 person, 3, and 10 person, 5.

For example, assume 2 hours of swimming time for the boat, 120 minutes. Note: this is a possible time. Actual time will vary based on surface conditions and number of animals and also fitness level of other pairs.

10 people on the boat, 5 swimming pairs, 24 minutes swim time per pair. ( 2 x 12 minute jumps )

6 people, 3 pair: ( 2 x 20 minute jumps )

4 people 2 pair: ( 2 x 30 minute jumps )

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Rhincodon typus. Not whales, but sharks, harmless to people. Like whales, they are filter feeders. Length? Up to 14 meters, 46 feet! Weight? 15 tons! Average: 25 feet long. Lifespan: 100 - 150 years. They are the largest fish in the world, and as with most sharks, females larger than males.

Their mouths can be up to 1.4 meters, 4 feet wide, filled with 3000 very tiny teeth used for filtering, not biting. The whale shark can filter over 6,000 liters, 1500 gallons of water each hour to consume a diet of plankton, krill, small fish, eggs, and squid. The spend most of their time at the surface. The eggs hatch inside the female, giving the appearance of live birth when the pups exist the mother.

Rarely seen in groups, in the waters offshore Isla Mujeres the pod can be as large as 150. They are docile majestic creatures who are indifferent to having swimmers around them. Whale sharks live in warm waters near the equator.

The Mexican Caribbean is one of the few places in the world where they are close enough to shore to swim among them.

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Almost everyone who toured with us in 2017 swam with Whale Sharks. Several of our clients signed up for a second tour in the same week to repeat the experience. A couple of heavy rain days drove the animals deep for a day or two. If the harbor captain closes the port due to inclement weather, we give you a full refund.

This tour is an adventure and we cannot control the ocean or the creatures within it. We try our best to provide an incredible memorable experience for everyone.

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The numbers vary from over 100 to 0. Very seldom do we have a day with no encounter. And in the week of the moon waxing to full ( May 28, June 27 , July 27, Aug 26 ) there are often over 100. As an added bonus, frequently there are Manta Rays swimming with them or close by.

This tour is an adventure and we cannot control the ocean or the creatures within it. We try our best to provide an incredible memorable experience for everyone.

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